Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Different Dimension Gnarly

Awhile back, I bought the 80's baby collection set from Different Dimension which are these six fabulous brightly scattered neon holographic nail polishes.

80's Baby Collection Set

I thought about doing a skittles mani, but was in a gnarly mood last week so I went full out with Gnarly, this awesome neon grass-y not in your face beautiful green. I used three thin layers and one layer of top coat for all pictures:

 This is the picture I had posted on Instagram right after I had finished doing my nails:

Gorgeous, right? I have been getting compliments on this shade of green left and right, where ever I go! Now, can we just talk for a minute about the quality of Missi's polishes?? I have had this on now for a week and it looks just as good now as it did as when I put it on last week (well, except for the state of my cuticles, lol)

This is one of the many reasons I love Missi's polishes. The quality is top notch!! Not to mention that they go on like a dream and they are beautiful.

You can purchase the 80's baby collection directly at Missi's Different Dimension Etsy shop. Be sure to also Like her Facebook page to get updates and sneek peeks of upcoming collections!!

Happy Polishing!!


Thursday, January 17, 2013

Jindie Nails Blue Ivy + Lynnderella Deep Blue Seeing

Hi all,

A quick post for today. I recently received a major nail haul from my new favorite indie polish designer, Jindie Nails. I don't dare write how many bottles I actually got in case the hubby ever sees this.  Let's just say it was more than 10 and less than 20.. closer to 20 but who is counting... hehe..

My first one out of the gate is Blue Ivy. This was originally released as Blue Blue Xmas but was changed to Blue Ivy after the holidays. Blue Ivy is the most beautiful Royal Blue linear holo. I love holos!! I used two coats for the picture below:

no top coat needed!

I  then added a layer of Lynnderella's Deep Blue Seeing, one coat on the ring finger and then a brush on the tips. Deep Blue Seeing is an amazing collection of cyan glitters and according to Lynn's description on her blog is a "Deep, rich cyan with metallic, satin and neon microglitter".

I think these two are a match made in heaven! :)
look at that gorgeous holo!!

I can't wait to try the rest of my Jindie Nails polishes. Of course, I have an huge stash of Lynnderella's to go through as well but that's a post for another day.  What can I say, I have an addiction. Go big or go home, right?

You can purchase Jindie Nails at Jen's Etsy shop and be sure and follow her on Facebook for updates. You can also purchase Lynnderella polishes on their Ebay store!

Happy Polishing!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Darling Diva - Kitty Scratches

My first post of 2013, Happy New Year everyone! Hope everyone had a nice holiday season, mine was quiet except for the visit to the ER last Saturday with the hubs due to a kidney stone. ouch! I don't usually make New Year's resolutions, but my resolution this year is to blog more!

The mani I have to share today is actually the mani I wore on New Year's, it's by Darling Diva Polish, Kitty Scratches, a polish I got a couple of months ago and just got around to trying. I don't know what took me so long, I just love this!

Kitty Scratches is a silver linear holo polish with varying sized silver holo hexes. Be still my heart with all this holo goodness! I used two thin coats but I think next time around I may use three, it was a little on the thin side for me.

blurry picture to show the rainbow holo! Love!

Even in the darker light, this baby shines!

And finally, I couldn't resist including this picture, tiny rainbows on my palm. Can you tell I'm obsessed with bright shiny objects?! I really wish I could capture the brilliance of this when the sun hits it. I took about a bazillion pictures and just couldn't capture it the way I wanted to.

Darling Diva polishes can be found at Carrie's Etsy shop and be sure to like her Facebook page for updates. Do you have any Darling Diva Polishes? If so, which one is your favorite?