Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Daring Digits Pink Lemonade

Is it hot enough for you where you're at? Here in Southern California, it's been unbearable these past few weeks. Especially when you have a house with no air conditioning. :( I figured while I am staying hydrated, it was time for some Pink Lemonade from Daring Digits! I actually received my 2nd order from Ashley (love her polishes!). Been wanting Pink Lemonade so when it came available, I snapped it right up!

Pink Lemonade is a yellow base with 2 different size matte pink glitters. It's so summery, just made me feel cooler putting it on! Enough of my yammering, on with the pictures!

Taken in the shade, which is also where I like to drink my pink lemonade... in the shade. :)
In the sun - hot! :)
You may be able to tell by the pictures above or below the experiment I did. On my ring finger, I used 3 coats of PL alone. On my middle finger, I used 2 coats of  WnW 203B 2% Milk and then 2 coats PL. On my index finger, I used one coat of WnW 203B 2% Milk and 2 coats of PL. I think two coats would have been sufficient but if you want to use this alone, I would definitely recommend 3 coats.

So there you have it. Love my Pink Lemonade! Be sure to check out Daring Digits Etsy store where you can find all of Ashley's fabulous polishes and check out her Facebook page for store updates. Last I checked, Pink Lemonade was sold out but hopefully it will be coming back soon. Plus, as of this writing, she has NEW polishes coming 8/26!! I can't wait!!

Hope you are keeping cool where ever you are.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Going for the Gold with Enchanted Polish Austin Powers

I've been really enjoying the Olympics the past couple of weeks, how about you? It's hard to believe that there is only a couple of days left and it will be all over. Seems like it was just yesterday that it was the opening ceremonies!

Since I've been in an Olympic mood, I decided to try on one of my (many) untrieds, Enchanted Polish Austin Powers. First of all, it's gold, and second, what's more London than Austin Powers?! Yeah Baby!! While I was at it I decided to try my hand at my dotting tool, it hasn't gotten much use lately. On to the pictures!

In the sun, look at that holo goodness!
Austin Powers is a gold/copper shimmer-glitter & holo. I have so many holo silvers in my polish stash but not much gold. This one is spectacular! Fully opaque in 2 coats and worthy of a gold medal in my opinion. On my ring finger, I am wearing Cult Nails Cruisin' Nude with a layer of Luderana Flocado Sol on top. It was actually the last mani I had and just left it on since it all seemed to mesh together so well!

Outside in the shade
Inside with flash
Whether inside or out, you just can't get away from the holo goodness that is this polish. I just love it. Imagine if the Olympic Gold Medals were painted with Austin Powers? That would be some major bling! You can purchase Enchanted Polish at or Harlow & Co.

So, are you watching the Olympics? If so, what's your favorite event? Mine has been beach volleyball, followed by swimming.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Rainbow Honey A Little Kindness with Cult Nails Cruisin' Nude

Wow, it's August already. Were does the time go? I thought I would get more posts done last month but time got away from me. Oh well, onwards and upwards as they say!

I finally got my order from Rainbow Honey, all 8 of the lovelies from The Equestria Collection. Oh yes, all mine! Full size! I love each and every one. I couldn't decide which one to try first but since I already had Cult Nails Cruisin' Nude on my nails, and since pink is a favorite color of mine, I thought, gee, this might work!  Cruisin' Nude is an amazing beige nude polish with a pink shimmer so it matches up perfectly with ALK. Unfortunately, my camera didn't think so and didn't play nice. No matter where I went to take pictures, whether inside or out, I couldn't capture the true beauty of this polish.

According to Rainbow Honey's web site, the description of A Little Kindness is: Rose, white, gold, and soft green glitters float in a delicate and sheer yellow base with an iridescent pink shimmer.

The pictures just don't do this incredible polish justice!  In the sun shot above, you can see the reflections of the sparkles on my middle and pinkie finger. Sparkly!

Rainbow Honey - A Little Kindness

I love pink and brown together, it's one of my favorite combos. Unfortunately in this case, I don't know if the shade of Cruisin' Nude was too light. I wish I was more tan to show this combo off! 

Rainbow Honey - A Little Kindness

 Of course in my quest to get that purrfect shot, the furkids decided they wanted to get in on the action! In the first picture below is my Birman, Perry. He wanted to rub his face all over the bottle. He is also the one responsible for the hairs you may or may not see in pictures I take throughout my blog. *ahem*

Then I went into the living room and here comes Teddy. He's my American Eskimo. Was a cruddy picture but wanted to show how he too loves to get into my business. :)

Do you have any of the polishes from  The Equestria Collection ? If so, which is your favorite? I'm still trying to decide, but I know I'm going to have fun playing with them all!