Thursday, September 27, 2012

Lumina Lacquer Sea Star

Yesterday was my birthday and as I was going through my ever growing stash of polishes looking for the perfect birthday mani, Sea Star immediately caught my eye. This polish is a glitter bomb (!) and is actually an upgrade from The Siren, both of which can be purchased from Tatiana's shop, Lumina Lacquer. She describes The Siren as a glitter bomb mixture of pastels: pink, blue, green, white, and aqua. Sea Star is all that with the addition of Holographic Stars. I layered Sea Star over two coats of Sally Hansen Sea. Without further ado, on to the pics!

Sea Star in the sun
check out that holo goodness! *sigh*

Sea Star in the shade
No matter which way the sun hits, you get a different look with this polish. As I told Tatiana on her Facebook page, this polish is like heaven in a bottle. It reminds me of sea shells I would find in the Caribbean, or even an abalone shell. Just beautiful. I did have a little problem with the star placement but it was manageable with the brush.

You can buy this and all of Lumina Lacquer's lovely polishes here. Would love to know if you have any of these polishes and if so, which one is your favorite?