Thursday, May 10, 2012

Chanel Peridot and Lynnderella Change

So I've been putting off getting Chanel's Peridot. I don't know why, I love Chanel's nail polishes. I guess it's because I'm new to the whole green/blue world of polishes. Well, I don't know what took me so long, I just love this shade, it's gorgeous!
Two coats was enough, although I have to say I was surprised as after only a day or so I had some chipping. Hmmmm... never have had this problem with any other Chanel polishes before. And for the price you would think it should last a week or two. just sayin...
So I thought, this is gorgeous on it's own, but since I'm also new to the world of Lynnderella and all the other fine indie polishes out there, why not try something extra on my Peridot? Enter Gold. Lots of it! As in Change. Change is a clear base with mix of gold, silver, pewter, copper, bronze and gold holograph glitter. The glitter is in different shapes and sizes, from squares to bars and everything in between!
I took several different pictures, and was amazed at the Holy Holograph of this polish! First I took a shot indoors in the daylight.
Even indoors, you can see the flecks of gold, how they shine. *sigh*
Then I took a picture outdoors in the shade to see how it would shine.
Still, the gold just pops!
But my most favorite of all favorite is when I took my lil fingers out in the sunshine. OMG!
Looking at the bottle, it seems that every color of the rainbow is represented. I did two coats of Change, one coat of Glitter Tamer and then one coat of Poshe Topcoat. I like having done this just on my ring finger as an accent. I don't know if I could handle it on all ten fingers unless I was going to a special party, wedding, etc. But knowing me, by tomorrow I will have had all ten nails done. I can't just do a "little" bling. LOL

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