Monday, May 7, 2012

Chanel Rose Confidentiel gets Glitzy

I decided that I wanted to try out some of my new lovely glitter polishes but decisions decision, who to pick first? Well, when in doubt... just throw them all on at once!
First I was just going to go with Lynnderella's Connect The Dots on my ring finger.
I love Connect The Dots. It goes with everything! But hey, I had to try out these other new glitters, so I decided I would go for one on each finger!
On my thumb is Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear In the Spotlight. Holy Hologram! It's a hologram stringy/bar glitter topcoat. I couldn't stop staring at this glitter!! Love it!! On my index finger is Confetti Ice Ice Baby. It's a clear polish with a lot of glowy blue/gree turquoise shimmer suspended in it. not overpowering at all. On my middle finger is Nicole by Opi Love Your Life. I really wanted to try this even though I had read all the reviews that said the hearts were a pain to get out. Well, the reviews are all correct, the hearts are a pain to get out! It's so pretty though, with the added shimmer. I think I would only want to go through this for a Valentine's mani though. My ring finger is of course Lynnderella's Connect the Dots. Love this polish! As I said before, it goes with every polish out there. My pinkie finger is Sally Hansen's Diamond Strength Jewel Overcoat in White Veil. Unfortunately, the camera didn't pick up all the great bits of gold so you can see the true glitter.
Overall, I would have to say that In The Spotlight was my favorite, only because I couldn't stop looking at all those holographic bits! I love shiny things.

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