Friday, June 29, 2012

Butter London Lillibet's Jubilee with a side of Orly Flash Glam FX

I've been lemming Butter London's latest addition to their line, Lillibet's Jubilee, ever since it was announced. The Queen's Jubilee celebration came and went and I finally got my polish! This was created to honor the international celebration marking the 60th anniversary of the Queen’s accession to the throne. According to Butter London's site, they describe Lillibet's Jubilee as:

Lillibet’s Jubilee is a silvery, lavender metallic foil that boasts the perfect amount of sparkle that is fit for a queen!

To me it is more than a foil, it's borderline frosty. I don't normally like frosty but I love this polish! My camera wasn't very happy in trying to take pictures! You would not believe how many pictures I took just to get these two. I used two thin coats and one coat of SV.

taken in shade

taken in direct sunlight
This has a really nice application and as you can see in the second picture above, there is a definite lavender tint there. I'm surprised it shows up more in the second picture, rather than the picture that was taken in the shade!

So after a couple of days I was kinda bored and had bought these two Orly Flash Glam FX Polishes, and I said to myself...gee I wonder how these would look layered over ole Lillibet?

Be Brave
Be Brave in the shade
Can't Be Tamed
OK, so it was a good idea while it lasted and I will try anything at least once! Actually, I love both of these polishes. Be Brave reminds me of tinsel on a Christmas tree, even though it's purple (holographic bar glitter), but in the way it sparkles! I didn't mind it so much over Lillibet's Jubilee. However, as much as I love Can't Be Tamed, I think it was a bit much for this mani. It really needs to be over something less sparkly to begin with, a creme or a matte would be fun. It's a wonderful mix of purple glitter and a small almost gunmetal glitter combination in a clear base.

Have a great weekend everyone! TGIF!

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