Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Some Fun with Yummy Mummy

I've been wanting to try Butter London's Yummy Mummy forever, having adding it and several other of their fabulous colors to my stash recently. Love Butter London! Goes on nicely, it's opaque in 2 coats and Yummy Mummy is a great neutral beige. On their web site they say: "This medium beige colour is simply stunning on EVERY skin colour." Well, I'm not sure about that. To be honest, I think it would look better on me if I was tan. So I will try it again later in the summer to see how it compares.

I am in an experimenting mood these days because I have been reading all the great nail blogs out there and want to try everything! LOL After a couple of days of wearing Yummy Mummy, I thought, hmmmm.. this might be a good time to try a Caviar Nail! Or Microbead Nail if you will. So off I went to Michael's to get my microbeads and this was my result:

Outside shot in the sun
In the shade!
Not too bad for my first try, I used a copper bead to have a little more of an accent color. It was a lot easier to do than the water marble! :)

Unfortunately, the beads didn't last too long. They started chipping away and then I started picking and then it was all over. But I still wasn't ready to let my Yummy Mummy mani go yet!

I have also been wanting to try out the new Sticks 'n Stones by Cover Band I got from ninjapolish.com and thought, this would be a great time as any!

See the little hints of glitter?!

Oh my, I just LOVE this polish! Sticks 'n Stones is a clear base with a collection of various sizes and shapes of white and black hex glitters and bars. If you look closely on the 2nd picture, you can see some of the fine glitter that adds this pop here and there. I only used one coat. Awesome!

Stay tuned to see what I do to my next color of polish. One never knows..

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